Save Lives, Restore Hope, Transform Hearts

Make a difference in the lives of our moms and their babies!

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Upon entering Hannah's Home, the young women immediately have counseling to see what their hopes and expectations are for themselves and their baby's future. Here, they are able to decide, without pressure, if it is best to place the baby with a loving family of their choice or choose to keep their baby and begin the transition into parenthood. Whichever choice they make, they then work towards that end. In addition, they are able to pursue an education whether through a high school diploma or GED. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to receive vocational training and internships. Each lady attends daily life skills classes to learn parenting skills, nutrition, budgeting, cooking, character building, healthy relationship skills and boundaries. The final step in our program includes securing employment as they save money for their transition to independence. Our goal is that each resident leave the home equipped with the tools necessary to carry out her personal responsibility as a member of the community. We want to see lives change, hope restored, and hearts transformed.

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