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Save Lives, Restore Hope, Transform Hearts

Make a difference in the lives of our moms and their babies!

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Hannah's Home of South Florida provides a safe and loving Christian environment for single pregnant young women. Through counseling, life skills, and continuing education, and more, we offer hope and transform lives. Lives Saved. Hope Restored. Hearts Transformed. With God's guidance, and together with you, we are making a bright future attainable for single pregnant women. Our home is dedicated to serving each woman and child with integrity, dignity and respect as we help the mothers become independent and productive members of society. We offer support throughout their pregnancy, whether they choose parenting or adoption, and for up two years after their baby is born. Our innovative long-term program focuses on transformation in all areas of life; spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational. Each woman that graduates leaves Hannah's Home equipped to accept the responsibility of parenting and being an independent member of society.